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Rainbow Bakery hosts monthly art shows every First Friday. Our gallery wall has been home to many local and regional artists in a variety of mediums, including painting, collage, photography, drawing, mosaic, sculpture, screenprint, embroidery, fanny packs, and more. Every December, we host a community Santa Claus-themed art show, to which all submissions are welcome! We receive a lot of requests to show art and are usually booked up at least 6 months in advance. Exhibit proposals (with photos) can be sent to for consideration. 


We love to partner with local organizations, but as a small business we must be mindful of our donation budget and selective towards what causes resonate with us. Send requests to and include all relevant information regarding your event or campaign. 

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We have been known to occasionally host events after hours at Rainbow. We've held poetry readings, musical performances, theater productions and more.  It's not a regular occurrence, but we are open to exciting ideas. Send your proposal to