What do you have that’s vegan?
Everything. Always. Forever.

Are you a completely gluten-free bakery?
No! This is an important one, as a lot of people assume we are. We have a separate case for our GF items. They are made at a separate workstation,  with separate tools and separate ingredients. We do our best to eliminate cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee complete ingredient isolation in our small kitchen. To the best of our knowledge, no one has had a serious reaction from eating any of our GF products, and we serve plenty of people with Celiac. But you know your own body better than we do, so please use your best judgement when consuming our products.

Do you use organic ingredients?
We go organic for the big stuff that makes up the bulk of our products (flour, sugars, soy and almond milk, shortening, chocolate chips, peanut butter, etc.).  Rest assured, we don’t use any artificial ingredients or colors in any of our products! Our food dyes and sprinkles are plant-based, and we use only high-quality, all natural ingredients without preservatives. Fact: Conventional white sugar is technically not even vegan by some standards, as it is often processed with animal-derived bone char! We use organic evaporated cane juice crystals instead.

Do you make bread?
No, we don’t. Our current kitchen set-up is not suited for bread baking, but maybe someday!

Do you make sugar-free desserts? 
We do not at this time. 

How do you pronounce PASTY
Glad you asked! A pasty, or savory hand pie native to England & the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is pronounced "PASS-TEE." A decorative nipple cover, which we don't sell, is pronounced "PAY-STEE." Behold the power of language. 

Where do you get your coffee?
Our coffee is roasted two blocks away, at Hopscotch Coffee, right here in downtown Bloomington! We feature a rotating selection of drip and cold brew, and always have a decaf option.

Do you deliver?
We currently do not offer delivery.

Will you set aside some items for me to pick up later?
We can't reserve items, but we keep our case well-stocked so you are guaranteed to have a range of options to purchase in quantity throughout the day.

Do you make wedding cakes?
We aren't currently but hope to resume wedding ordering soon. Stay tuned for details on cake orders and availability.

Can I host an event at Rainbow Bakery?
Maybe! Please contact us by email at rainbowbakerybloomington@gmail.com with your proposal.

Can I have an art show at Rainbow Bakery?
Maybe! We receive a lot of requests to show art on our gallery wall and are usually booked up at least 6 m
onths in advance. Exhibit proposals (with photos) can be sent to rainbowbakerybloomington@gmail.com for consideration.